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Below are some links to other web sites related to large format photography, digital photography and web site design, and a few other topics.

Large format photography:

Digital photography:

General Info:

  • Digital Photography Review ( - One of the best sites for reviews of digital cameras. Also has forums that receive a large number of posts.
  • Bill Atkinson - Bill Atkinson was one of the original developes of the Apple compluter and has been a poineer of the use of Photoshop in the printing of digital images.
  • RetouchPRO - A great resource to help you create digital photo-based art. A great place to find Photoshop actions for creating effects such as photo frames and "artsy" photo manipulations.
  • CMOS/CCD Sensor Cleaning - Website by Nicholas R describing how to clean a digital camera sensor.

Stitching. "Stitching" refers to the creation of a image by taking multiple photos arranged in a matrix and then combining, or "stitching", them into a single image. If the resulting image is siginificantly longer in the horizontal direction then the image is referred to as a panorama. If the resulting image is close to the proportions of that of a a single image then you have effectively increased the number of pixels in an image. This technique allow the creation of 100 megapixel images using a digtal camera containing less than 10 megapixels.

  • PanoTools ( ) - Helmut Dersch's web site, the creator of PanoTools which the best program for stitching digital images. PanoTools by itself is difficult to learn so I recommend that you get one of the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's) that is available for PanoTools. One is called PTgui and the other is PTAssembler. Both offer nearly identical functionality but the interfaces are different so choosing is a matter of personal taste. Both offer demos that you can download and try out.
  • PTgui ( - One of the GUI's for PanoTools.
  • PTAssembler ( ) - One of the GUI's for PanoTools. The creator of this program, Max Lyons, has an awesome gallery of stitched images.
  • Yahoo PanoTools Group - Discussion forum for all things related to PanoTools.
  • - Brian Caldwell's site has what I consider to be the best utorial on creating a stitched image. Brian also has another tutorial on correcting lens distortions. This is a topic that deserves more study so I list more links on this below.
  • - Thomas Niemann's site has a PanoTools tutorial but the best part of his site is a technique for calculating lens distortions. Go to Panorama Tools -> Calibration -> Lens Distortion.

Imaging software

  • FDRExposer - One of the potential advantages of digital imaging is the possibility of combining two images - one underexposed and one overexposed - to create one image with greatly increased dynamic range. Such tools are often tagged as creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. One of the programs that seem to have the most potential in this area is FDRExposer. This program written by Andreas Schömann.

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